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Hitting multiple keys will lock player movement.
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While in sp and mp i had hit toggle walk numpad 0 and had weapon lowered while holding arrow up for forward and this locked my player moving foward and this has happened alot and i have found no way to stop the movement i have sticky keys disabled and even tried alt tab to stop it but it will go indefinitely.


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lower weapon or even run {not sprint} hit toggle to walk and numpad 0 about the same time player will be stuck in the left hand lowered jog and will never stop.

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It may be a hardware limitation on your side. Some of the cheaper keyboard designs can only accept a limited number of inputs because of how the electrical wiring is set up. Higher end gaming keyboards are made to avoid this. I know my keyboard craps out after three simultaneous key presses in one area.

No not at all i have a blackwidow ultimate and this has happened to about 4 of my friends this is not a hardware limitation on my old azza keyboard this happened in arma 2 and alt tab will always fix it but in arma 3 it doesn't im pretty sure 140 dollar keyboard is high-end

i can confirm this

thank you this is a very odd problem that is going on possibly the game cant read all the key hits and freaks out.

Had something similar happen to me while in SP. I was walking forward and played with the "lower weapon" movement and suddenly I was just walking forward with gun lowered and not been able to do anything at first but change view and use free look (alt). Problem was only solved by weapon change from scroll menu from primary to secondary arm. After the weapon change things went back to normal.

OS: Win 7 64-bit

agreed, happens to me also, and I use an n52te for controls. also happened to another player on my server.

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same problem here.. you can stop this by switching to Pistol. - Hope for a fix :)

confirmed, happened to me yesterday in MP

Dupe of #739