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Weapons unusable in some cases
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If atleaste 10.squades (100 A.L players) are in firefight somewhere on map, then players weapons (both rifle and pistol) starts to misfire, weapons doesn't fire every time you push fire button.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Insert atleast 5.BLUEFOR and 5.OPFOR squades close to eatch other, so they could engage each other.
  2. Insert players rifleman (I tryed with BLUEFOR) somewere on the map


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I am a bit confused as to what the issue is here. Are you saying that weapons misfire too often in ALPHA, or are you saying that weapons should misfire more often in ALPHA?

Well, situation is, anyway in my computer, that when there are certain amout of A.L in firefight on anywhere on the map, then my weapons fails to fire when fire button in pushed.

Im experiencing this also. When the game is under heavy load, it seems to miss certain events, such as clicking the mouse to fire. I've noticed that this happens especially when audio is playing, be it gunfire sounds, or, even moreso, ai speech. It seems to be somehow related to the number of objects that the engine is keeping track of. Perhaps there is an 'events to be handled' buffer which gets overfilled?

It's not just limited to firing though. I've had triggers fail to be evaluated despite their conditions being satisfied. This needs to get fixed big time. Makes the game unpredictable when triggers aren't triggering reliably.

Hmm, it depends probably on CPU power or FPS. At any rate I cannot repro it with my machine.

Any info on your machine specs, of those who can reproduce the issue?

Unable to reproduce in latest dev build. Closing due to lack of response/info for >2 months.

If the issue is still reproducable for you, please create another ticket requesting this one be re-opened.