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Minecraft-like rain box
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As title suggests if you like down in ext view of mh-9 for example rain looks to be falling down the walls of a square profile, invisible duct


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fly up
ext view
2x L.alt
look down
(especially at night)

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Yeah, this is going to be hard to get around. They are using a cylinder with a rain effect around the helicopter. They do the same with infantry but you don't notice as much because they guy is so close to the ground.

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Hmmm surely rendering the rain like that would be more intensive than having one dynamic overlay affected by motion and viewpoint (e.g. scope/3rd person etc). DCS world has a fairly good rain effect that doesn't seem to impact too much on performance and although the differnce between clear and cloudy is pronounced, The performance difference between cloudy and raining in their engine is negligible

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Even tho it may sound a bit spoilt, with current graphical standards a rain box so obvious feels a little lazy. Sorry devs.

Since the rain is currently missing entirely (presumably a new implementation is WIP), should this be closed?

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Im cool with that mad dog

Okay. Closing until further notice.

If the rain makes a re-appearance and this issue is still valid, please create a new ticket asking for this one to be re-opened. :)