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Take away the black around the scopes when zooming in
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If you shot out of a real gun, you would know to not put your eye right against the scope. Instead, you should have it further from the scope so the recoil doesn't break your eyesocket. This would add another level of immersion to the game. You should also be able to move your head around to check your surroundings while scoped in. Without the black around the scope, that is possible.


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This would make the game even more awesome :D

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If you read some of the articles/forums the reason why it's not being done is resource allocation via hardware.

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Please search the forums before posting a new ticket

resource allocation? why is it any different than using an ACOG or red dot? just add magnification and change the eye relief!!!

It would require using PIP & rendering 2 images.

They have to scale the outside back which is rendering two different parts of the scenery at a time not to mention if you move it has to change the images, which puts more stress on an already stressed CPU.

Sorry guys, I didn't know

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Just telling you, it's been discussed on the forums for ~4 months if not more. Can still upvote it though.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

@Astaroth I've checked - it's resolved. Ticket can be closed.

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