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Night Vision while aiming down your weapons sights?
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I have noticed that my night vision turns off when I aim down the sights on my weapon. This makes it noticeably more difficult to shoot during night missions.


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Have a weapon at night with night vision on, aim down, try to shoot at something.

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Only happens on scopes for me, and its rather realistic; try looking through your lens with a huge boxy keister in front of your face, wouldnt be easy in real life.

You need to be rather close but not danger close to the scope to not get distortion (right word for it?) - that your too close to the scope will be noticed when you gotta get them stitches on or over your eyebrows...

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Yeah I don't know much about military tactics, but isn't that what IR lasers are partially for? To be able to see where you're aiming without having to try to aim down the sights of your weapon with clunky NVGs on your face?

True, but they are usually more for painting and pointing at targets.

I think some guided weapons can actually be laserguided with a IR laser, at least I remember that from a real firefight video from liveleak, ages ago.

Guys it alpha give them time in arma they had nv scopes for certain rifles so just give it time

Not all scopes have NV capability. This is how it's supposed to work. You can't look through a scope with your goggles on - instead, use the secondary sights (if any) by ctrl+RMB (by default). Voted down.

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There are thermal and night vision scopes, since this is set in the future, maybe they can make it to where all scopes support thermal or night vision?

Neh, that would remove a lot from it. Instead, I imagine that the modular weapon system will allow you to put various NV-specialised scopes onto your weapons.

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the current ACOG style (RCO + RMR) scope in the alpha version doesn't have NVG capability.

we would need a AN/PVS14 scope (or similar futuristic version).

with the quick detachable accessories feature it will be easily implemented.

cychou, the AN/PVS 14s aren't a scope. That's just modern day Night Vision. The monocle design counters the depth perception issues caused by the previous generation dual eyed NVGs, PVS 7s.

yes, the AN/PVS14 is in complement to an existing scope or sight. (placed in front of an ACOG) (placed behind an aimpoint)

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Duplicate of #3332