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Game freezes at "receiving data" screen when in multiplayer
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about 1 out of every 2 servers i join does this. when i try to join a server, i get through everything up until where it says "receiving data" and theres a loading bar. the bar either stays empty or full but then freezes. i ctrl alt delete out and theres a message at desktop saying "ARMA 3 Alpha has stopped working" when the alpha first started everything worked fine, it seems to get progressively worse as the days go on.


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join a couple servers, it should happen at least once

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Same thing. Exactly !

until now It was good for me, but today I've tried to join twice a server and... froze, than crash

(to be honest, each time that I join a server I've to wait several seconds to be able to choose the squad, because before that the game-window still blocked)

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Same here ;c

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same thing, started after latest build

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