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Need to have a running vault.
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I keep getting killed while vaulting over things. There needs to be a vault that doesn't slow you down.


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Yeah like in DayZ on ARMA 2 I have been able to do a running jump roll over fences. Or make it so if your charicter is under a certain weight they could do this (e.g. no armor and only a pistol and a few mags).

Since various military organizations are doing Parkour programs even today, lightly equipped regulars in 2035 should be able to do it.
Hell, if the maximum running vault-able height is to be as low as the normal vault in the current build, even fully equipped ones (and civilians) should be.

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It should come with a cost. I'd say make it noisy, cost energy, or both. Make it so you cannot fast-vault if you are unable to sprint. Even better: make it so you must be sprinting in order to fast-vault.

Agreed with SAMAGO.

Good idea. I constantly find myself pressing vault while sprinting, thinking its going to do a running vault, only to find my guy stop, and then vault. In a battle situation, that can be deadly.

you cant speed vault carrying heavy kit

i think a system that decreases the speed at which you can vault as you carry more weight but nothing to the standard of the the top post vid, this isnt bf

if your in a firefight then dont vault over a wall it is that simple