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Raising terrain detail increases grass density and distance, as well as terrain geometry detail
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Raising the "Terrain" setting increases not only its intended effect of raising level geometry detail, but also increases grass density and render distance.

It is imperative that grass detail and draw distance has it's own indepenent setting or possibly two separate independent settings for distance and density, as Very High/Ultra level geometry can be run easily while grass density and distance at those settings can lower framerate much more. Meaning it would be optimal if you could have moderate grass settings and Ultra/Very High Terrain which can be run well for those rigs where having the current Terrain setting above High is unplayable.


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  1. Set Terrain to Very High or Ultra on a rig with an i7 2600k/580 GTX/16Gb DDR3 1333Mhz RAM configuration equivalent or lower (posibly on better rigs but I can't say).

2.Go to grassy area and note the low performance.

  1. Go to area with minimal grass within draw distance but a long distance view of Terrain Geometry. Note the improved performance.

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Really nice catch!

They should definitely be independent from each other. Especially the grass is FPS killer for everyone, it should be totally independent setting.

A real solution would be only a new grass rendering method with lower performance impact, yet still leaving the impression (on mid to high distances) that there is grass at distance.

This often referenced "Super-Engine", which simulates the whole earth, can do this quite impressively

Just my opinion.

I think that every element should have it's own setting, which could be adjusted, to match personal taste or computer's performance. It could be done by UI or by an easily editable config file.

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Related to #6835

Duplicate of #1291.