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The text encoding allows characters with accents, umlauts, i other signs.
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The text encoding allows characters with accents, umlauts, i other signs. The year is 2013, and we talk about a problem that drags products OFP / ArmA since its first release.

For those who speak languages ​​other than English, therefore i edit missions in our language, it is frustrating not being able to write well, and sometimes difficult to understand the text.


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It is unclear what you are referring to. The game does accept unicode and cyrillic characters in player names and chat. Please clarify.

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For example: If you create a new mission, let's say a German one. Yes, the chat and the names support characters like "ä","ö","ü" or "ß" but if I use these characters in a mission file they end up in spaces or question marks on the GUI.

I also tried "&uuml ;" (space between name and ; because this website translates it to a letter...) for a HTML-conform variant of "ü" but that also resulted in "?".

If I understood it right, this is what he means. Simple support for umlauts and other characters while in mission-generation.

Yes, thanks for clarify my point Byter.

@Astaroth , ticket can be closed.
One simply must not forget to set the text editor to UTF-8 encoding.
When UTF-8 encoding is set for the text editor, there is no problem, since ArmA supports UTF-8.

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