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[Feature request] Ability to force the game to load in "safe" mode (force disabled mods)
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I have not seen a safe mode. When playing A2OA I had Combined operations on steam; so setting up mods was easy, in that i would copy the run file and put the @mod lines in. if it didnt work, no problem... however when activating mods in game menu; and something goes wrong, you have to kick it a bit to get it to work again. a safe mode where no mods load would be nice. also; integration of sixupdater or something through steam for handling mods would be great.


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Are you talking about a safe mode for guns or a safe mode for trouble shooting the game?

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safe mode for the game... as stated, sometimes when you have a mod that is causing issues, particularly when you have it loaded through the game menu, its a pain to deactivate

I support this idea! If you messed something up, you should be able to start the game with default settings (eg. graphical settings LOW, all expansions/mods disabled and -showScriptErrors enabled).

It should also have a -safeMode parameter to do it manually.

@SGTIce; it's about a safe mode for the application itself, just like you can run Windows in safe mode so it doesn't load all the extra drivers, doesn't start the autostart applications and enables you to enable/disable settings which normally are locked.

I would actually like a safe mode for guns, pretty disappointed this is not what we're talking about :D

I'm aware what safe mode is, the tickets wording wasn't very good though, hence why I asked him to clarify.

Clarified the title to avoid confusion with the safe setting on guns. :)

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There are some of us who like to run the game strictly "Stock" Now, I did enjoy POE Mod very much among others in the two decades I've gamed online.

I've learned with Arma, Arma II and expansions to simply avoid mods.

I would like Arma 3 to have a single global option check box to permit the Player to have a choice of stock, no mods and modified (And a selection of mods...)

This might clean up the server browser.

THIS WILL ensure that most players given a choice, to choose stock content and not get thrown out because they are also joining a stock server.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.