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Visiual and Gameplay Issues: Grenade Launcher Edition.
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*EGLM Launcher does not animate properly, user goes through motions, but launcher does not open, grenade shells are not released, and round is not held in hand.
*Audio does not sound proper upon launch (Though I've never shot a real GL,so no 100% on that)
*Red dot on GL is USELESS

Allow users to sight, and range the GL, similar to functioning in the game "Americas Army" where players could sight the GL, and use the mouse wheel to adjust ranging, Allow players to sight the GL, and adjust the red-dot sights tilt for ranging.


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Steps To Reproduce

1: Acquire GL Compatible Rifle
2: Attach GL
3: Fire, Reload, and attempt to Sight GL.
5: Profit.

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main problem for me is, when you zero up your sights, look through them and zoom in to be able to see the red dot, the red dot is moved under the screen, so you don't see it, making it useless.

Unrealistic and non-functioning sights for grenade launchers has been one of my biggest gameplay issues with ARMA games.

Need analogue adjustment of sighting. At the moment you can only use pg up and pg down to change sight range in 100m increments. Very poor implementation of modeling GL functionality.

Plus I imagine some of the ingame GL's would have a ranging system.

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well it's only in alpha, animations are probably gonna be fixed, but well it's us who tell them what to do it seems like

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As an alpha gamer, your job isn't to work with probabilites. If you see an issue, report it.

@TTc30 as "it's an Alpha" is a good reply to the Bragging in the Steam Forums, its not here because this Tracker is made for reporting issues. And i Like grenade launchers, but unfortunately they don't work as intended

(in Arma 2 with ACE i was able to hit a Stationary Target at 400m Distance, here it is extremely difficult to hit a stationary BIG target at 200m because i cant see where i aim when i Zero up)

There are numerous things that need to be fixed. Like the animation, splash effects having almost no effect unless you direct impact or land a round at a targets feet, probability of impacted based on sight is almost nil, and zeroing increments of 100 meters is almost unacceptable as you can really only lob a grenade out to 400 meters that's only 4 incremental changes for something that's only designed for relative close range.

That's strange.. i can see the gl red dot just fine up to 500m zeroing o_O
Maybe it is screen resolution related ?

Im at 1920x1080 fullscreen

i am at 1280x720 (laptop), perhaps thats the issue...

Did you check the aspect ratio is the correct one ?

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GL red dot just needs to be centered on the screen as with the regular sights.

Oh btw. did anyone else notice that the zeroing on the TAR21-GL is incorrect?(grenade explodes roughly 50 meters to close)

@Kid18120: yes, its set 16:9 like my screen is.

i will upload a video soon

then it's probably because a lower resolution shows a lower portion of the image.. devs should fix it by centering the red dot in the middle of the screen when aiming downsight, as other guys suggested

All of these have already been reported. Please only report one issue per ticket.