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Cannot change the controls on my 360 controller
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The controls set up for the xbox controller are poor, there is no way to rotate the helicopter to the right as the right stick is for looking around and the right trigger is for firing the guns.

If I may suggest the control scheme to be like this it would be much more comfortable for more players
R trigger - Increase Thrust
L trigger - Decrease Thrust/Decend
A- fire weapon
Right stick L&R - Pedal Left and Pedal Right
Left Stick Forward Backward Left & Right - Lean Forward, Back, Left, & Right respectively
X- Change weapon
B- Change weapon
Y- Fire Countermeasures
R bumber- Control box and issue/confirm command
D-Pad Up/Down - scroll through control box


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right now the xbox controller is setup with a scheme that Bohhemia is providing and I don't like it

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you can change back to the Xbox controller lay out for Arma 2 if you go under keyboard controls and click on presets. It helps but it's not perfect.

if you want to manually bind keys you have to disable the xbox controller bind the keys then enable it.

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just disable the preset, the xbox controller should move to the upper list, then you can bind the keys.

Duplicate of #0000940.