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AI men walk through walls and fallen over steps
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AI controlled soldiers walk through walls: I saw in combat, an enemy soldier came from a man-high stone fence.
AI controlled soldiers cannot use steps, because they fallen through it. {F17481}


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Game Physics
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Go with a small squad to a guard tower with steps (not ladder) and order one of the AI soldier to go up one of the predefined position in the guard tower. He cannot go up, because when he start walk on spteps, he immediately fallen over it. And he try and try again and again.

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This happens quite often. Like a minimum of 10 times i have seen AI soldiers ignoring walls and objects like "Field Toilet" and just go right through them. Hope this is being fixed soon

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Partial duplicate of #316
(two separate issues in same ticket)

Correct. Please search before posting and only make one report/request per ticket.