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SDAR changing ammo is bugged
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Divers are unable to change ammo types. Using the mouse wheel command causes you to dump a now empty Dual purpose mag on the floor and removes the STANAG mag from your inventory. You can do this every time as long as you have at least one STANAG mag in your inventory. AI do not change ammo type either, and are combat ineffective.


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Editor > Spawn a diver and play as them > change ammo type > you will drop an empty dual mag on the ground and lose one STANAG mag.

Editor > Spawn a diver > Spawn an enemy > Watch as the Diver will most likely be killed almost instantly as soon as combat begins because it does not change ammo types.

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Unless you start off with the intention of just using UW rounds, or equip yourself with only STANAG rounds, this really breaks the game. It needs fixing. I realise this is the Alpha but that's the whole point. This first portion is focusing on infantry and a Diver is still counted in that imo. It really needs to be sorted.

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seems to be only happening to all but the lead diver.

Yeah, just tested this, the Team Leader is fine. This really needs more attention.

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See also:

I have yet to test it on the latest builds.

Are you still experiencing this bug? We were testing it on actual version and were unable to reproduce that.

If you are still having this problem send us more info about who was server, who was team leader etc.

Thank you.

It is a bug, it's linked with #0001606 and it works as followed:
Notice, that when reloading a weapon, the first used/empty magazine goes to the uniform, rather than the vest. This happens even if the vest has empty space to accomodate it!

Since diver's uniform (wetsuit) has all of its storage space filled in by default, the reloaded magazine has nowhere to go and is dropped to the ground as a result.

Take Diver - explosive specialist and throw away toolkit from his backpack. Now try to change ammo type. The magazine is no longer lost, because it goes to the backpack.

My Arma is 0.54.103957

We tried again on version 0.54.103957

  1. Spawn blufor diver explosive specialist
  2. Reload from 20rnd UW to 30rnd STANAG magazine via action menu

UW magazine is on the ground
STANAG is loaded in SDAR

UW magazine is bigger than normal magazine (as you can see and blufor diver explosive specialist does not have enough space for it in inventory.

We haven't met any case of missing magazine or not changed type of magazine in weapon.

Remove one item from default equipment of this type of diver as we understand that STANAG magazines are more important due to probability of UW combat and that results that player will often reload STANAG sooner than the first UW mag is empty.

Yes, I think that'd be for the best. It is very unlikely that UW combat will be a huge component of Arma 3, and if anything, extra mags can be retrieved from dead divers.

My only other query, what are you going to do, if anything, about the Ai coping with the switch between magazines. At present, they will not switch from UW to STANAG mags, making them combat ineffective.

Fixed in version 0.57.105007 (Dev), addon version: 46977.

UW Magazines reduced to 3, Non-UW magazines increased to 3.

Mass close.