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Boats in big waves not responding correctly
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Boats are not responding to big waves in the correct manner. It's harder than it should be to use a launch effectively in rough waves and detracts from the tactical elements of using the boats and the tension of a storm as a setting.


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enter editor
edit weather
waves full
add boat to water as player

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Also, this movement in real life, would catapult men(even with the tightest of grips)into the briney deep! But the men just sit stuck fast

Skin added a comment.Mar 12 2013, 7:19 PM

It appears that the boats are always going over the top of the wave rather than through it. This makes the prop come out of the water after the wave trough reducing the speed abruptly

mewle added a comment.Mar 12 2013, 7:39 PM

I noticed that but the movement itself is unrealistic for the supposed scales and weights involved

I see it too. The wather pass intro the boat model. Correct is the boat jumps or kicks this waves, forcig the driver drive carefully.

I believe the behavior to be accurate but I also believe it should be calmed down just a bit for the sake of gameplay. Essentially you're forced to come to a complete stop, line up your shot, and wait for your crosshairs to pass up or down across your target and take pot shots. I can't imagine how hard it would be in real life to hit targets at 150m+ meters on full swell so I'm just going to consider it "by design" and accommodate accordingly.

Skin added a comment.Mar 12 2013, 10:19 PM

jjondle we are talking about the boat movement through the water, not aiming/shooting.

....ok but didn't the OP at least mention his inability to shoot his launcher effectively with such big waves? I was just chiming in on that one specific part of the conversation.

"It's harder than it should be to use a launch effectively in rough waves"

Skin added a comment.Mar 12 2013, 10:35 PM

A Launch is a type of boat. This problem occurs with the smaller boats (Rescue Boats etc) than the speed boats as the larger length boats are able to travel on top of the wave crests; whereas, the smaller boats get caught in the trough.

Yeah I wasn't talking about firing from the boat. I think what is needed is more of a fine tune of how the vessel reacts to waves. This was one of the new elements the devs were selling us in their pre alpha videos which is why I thought I'd test in extreme swell conditions. The simple fix would be to reduce maximum wave height and then fine tune the physics to lesser conditions. Otherwise it looks silly without some animation for the men to act like they're trying to stay upright on the boat and when parts of the boat are submerged they then cut back through the water like two solid objects intersecting

DrPulp added a subscriber: DrPulp.May 7 2016, 11:44 AM

It also seems that the Boats are to front heavy. normally a small boat with an engine at its back would not dip his nose that much down into the water after going over a wave

I was lol'ing at this the other day when I noticed my speed boat tail gunner would seemingly on occasion be completely submerged under water for long periods, even in milder waves.

To control the speed boat in big waves is almost impossible, until you get it moving at 50km/h or more, then you are able to effectively steer it a little better.

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