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Feature request: Command AI pilot to land.
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It would be great to add something like special command to order your unit to land with some air vehicle, just land to designated place not disembark. I cant find any way how to do it.


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Use the doLand command in the waypoint init
Google for details (can't remember the syntax right now)

I don't think he's talking about the editor, Kid. He means in-game ordering of a pilot to land, so you can get in, for example.

This was lacking in A2 as well and is sorely needed. You need to place a waypoint and then order the pilot to 'get out' as he approached. Very random.

Indeed javelin :)

for now i use the support module option as my pilot. Sync yourself to a support requester and sync the requester to a support sync provider to a helo. now u can request a land and pick up.

I agree w/ you 100%, I hope they update this. I just wanted you do know a Temp solution that may help you for now. peace


This is a must feature. We had to endure this in Arma 1 and 2, and I'm hoping they allow a land feature so we can tell the AI where we want them to land, and make them land at that location, rather than to fly 1 klick out to land whereever it wants.

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This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

Basically making your unit air taxi you, (?) sounds really good, that would be a good feature for high command too, for example when ordering to move long distances the pilot would land, would wait for the infantry to enter inside, then move to destination. Upvoted +1

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This has been missing since the original ArmA, I cannot believe that there is still no way to have an AI pilot land other than to have him disembark.. It's about time to add this.

It's absolutely needed! It already existed in ARMA, why isn't it in the game anymore?

Please bring it back.

I agree, it's essential