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Stance indicator needed
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With the new modifiable stance system, it's possible to not realise what stance you're in unless you view in 3rd person. Going from lowest crouch position down one step results in you sitting down, and unable to run. This is problematic in first-person as there is no oncreen indication of your current stance.

I suggest an onscreen stance indicator, perhaps something as simple as a small height-bar, with a colour indication to show ability to run. Ex. green - can run from this stance, yellow - cannot run from this stance.


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I would support this.
Although it needs to be an option to turn it off as well.
I love those moments where the HUD is completely off, adds so much more immersion.

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I agree that a stance indicator would be a quite welcome addition, but it should be done in a manner that is non-invasive. I mean I don't want to add too much thing to the UI, because right now I find it just, WOW!

No, we dont need it. At least not permanent, that would suck.

Probably too much work to make it switchable , but NOT IN THE DIFFICULTY SETTINGS! put it in Video or game settings tab, but not difficulty - the Servers would override difficulty settings, making any changes nil and useless unless we play in the editor or host our own game - and that would mean you can turn the indicators off, but when you join a "regular" server, its gonna be like "NOPE.AVI!!!" and force the stance display.

I think it would be most helpful to add an option. I don't personally see a need for a stance indicator, but I've noticed a lot of desire for this on other forums that have been discussing the game so I would say it is certainly worth considering. Just ensure that it can be turned off as well!

I think ARMA II ACE handled this well with an optional stance indicator. I would use the ARMA II ACE indicatiors, but add a downwards carrot under the existing stand, crouch, and pronce figures to indicate the new bewteen stances. Put a C behind the figure to indicate combat pace.

Closing since there is already an identical feature request with more votes.