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Cfg - Ground texture that are in "house" class
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Somes objects in sea that are in "house" class instead to be in the good class.

land_bw_setbig_corals_F is typeof "house" but it's a ground sea texture object


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it seems, there are also others submarine objects in "house" class.

any news about this problem ?

one more times :(

Hi. The sea bed objects are indeed inherited from class house which is correct in the sense that it gives them the set of attributes they need.

Is there anything specific that this prevents you from doing?

yes, sea bed objects are not house (..) With this you can not do global treatment on houses, you have to do a special condition to control if the objects is a sea bed, or other thing that is not be an house. It's not logic.

code34 added a comment.Jun 5 2013, 9:08 AM

well, 3 months later (..)

I assume you are using nearObjects["house",<radius>] (if not, please let me know how exactly are you trying to access the objects). There is no parent class used only by buildings, but you can use House_F to narrow down the amount of objects found. You will however still get some objects other than buildings, eg. powerlines.

code34 added a comment.Jun 6 2013, 6:51 PM

you can have access to code at this uri:

yes it s a problem, cause with this kind of classification, we will have everytime some kind of objects that are not houses. It didn't happen on arma2 maps

Looking at your code, I've tried nearestObjects [player, ["House_F"] , 2500]; on Stratis. It will solve your problem with sea bed objects (and runway lights).

In regards to a major overhaul of the class structure: it is unlikely, but I'll see what I can do.

code34 added a comment.Jun 7 2013, 5:35 PM

thank you. Do you know where can i found a really tree of differents objects class ? I know there was a tree on wiki but it was not up to date for arma2

ceeeb added a comment.Jun 9 2013, 10:02 AM

This issue also affects the "house" terrain cell value (used by selectBestPlaces). It can worked around by always using "houses - sea", but if you don't know the ocean clutter is of house class it could create some interesting results...

should be moved to different (sub)class

On Stratis, the memory could handle this, but on Altis the memory just fills up and crashes ArmA 3.

This problematic.

i confirm, nearestObjects function used with a big radius value crash the game on Altis