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Unable to get kits in Wasteland
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When trying to pick up class-specific kits (Medkits, Repair kits, et cetera) it either A) destroys the item entirely or B) will not allow the player to get it at all. This is not just from my end; Several other members of my group report the same thing.


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Try and take one of the above mentioned items from a vehicle.

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This is the bug where items too large for your inventory get deleted. The kits are very large, so you'll have to make a large space for them first. This is being fixed next patch.

Perhaps they ought to make them a backpack slot item, so as to get around it.

Isn't this more of a mod issue and not a dev?

I second Nod, wasteland is probably more to blame for this than BIS.

Why are you reporting Wasteland bugs here?

We are very sorry, we do not guarantee that user generated content such as mods, scripts, maps etc. will work all time during development of the game. It is up to users themselves to make sure their work is 100% compatible with current version of the game.

We thank you for reporting this issue, but try contacting author of this content to fix it.