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Sounds - Ambient sounds
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Ambient sounds of the sea (when on the surface) and rain (specially at the highest level) are far too low. Which makes the experience of being far away from it.

These sounds should be much louder and affect the player as it affect human in real life (e.g. you can't hear that well in spoiling rain as you can hear when the weather is fine.)

Same regarding sea sounds these are far far too low.


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Don't know why this has no votes.

I'm using a Plantronics Gamecom 780 headset and also find environmental sounds to be far too quiet. I missed out on a lot of these sounds in Arma 2 because gun shots and vehicles were much louder compared to everything else. By the time I turned the effects slider down far enough these sounds were bearable I could no longer hear rain, wind, lightning etc.

In arma 3 it's more of the same, it's hard to hear the dirt crunch under your car while driving, if you turn the engine off and there's no other noise I can just about hear it. It seems a shame for BIS to add sound detail only for many of us to miss out on it, sound plays a big part!

Please add an 'environment' slider to the sound menu!

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Related to #3481

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