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Cannot change weapon ranging with optic/sight attached
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As above. Cannot change weapon ranging when an optic/sight is attached.


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Attempt to change weapon ranging with default key bindings. Observe no change in current weapon ranging when optic attached.

Remove optic.

Attempt to change weapon ranging again. Observe change in current weapon ranging without optic attached (i.e. iron sights).

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I assume you were using a weapon that cannot be zeroed as some weapons have no possibility to do so. Instead their default optics usually have markings to help calculate correct distance and elevation in which to fire at the enemy.

Negative. The MXM, Katiba, and the MX 6.5 are all able to be ranged when an optic is not attached. Those are the only weapons I've tested with, but they can definitely be ranged — only without a sight attached.

Well the reason for this i think is because the scopes already have range allocations on them, center being 300 one down being 400. so changing the zeroing would mess up the ranges on the scope, its an odd way of doing it though.

Not a bug, working as intended.