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barely able to see picture in screen for APC gunner in multiplayer
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when you sit in the gunner seat in an APC, the screen flickers like a strobe light, and you dont get a real full screen view of the picture either. also when i go from 1st person view to 3rd person, back to 1st person, whatever was on the turret monitor will remain there and be overlapping the live picture, like when you pause a plasma TV for too long and the picture is burned into the screen. also the lack of a crosshair on the turret monitor combined with the bad view angle you have make it real hard to hit your target in 1st person view. so basically theres the screen flickering, picture in picture "burn in" (or whatever), and lack of crosshair. all mirrors in the game also flicker in the same way.


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get in APC as gunner and look at screen. then, while in 1st person view, point the turret at a tree or something highly visible, then switch from 1st person to 3rd, then back to first, and look around. you should see 2 images on the turret monitor screen. also try to hit an enemy in the first few rounds from 1st person view

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i play on all max settings

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not a very MAJOR problem, but you know, whatever

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I get pretty much the same problem but also with mirrors too (anyhting with the pictures in graphics effect). Also with Win7 x64. Graphics card is 2, Geforce GTX 560 Ti in sli mode.

yea i mentioned mirrors at the very end, and i have 1 gtx 690

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You can access the full-screen aiming system (like using a scope on a weapon), just press the appropriate button (default numpad 0).

<del>Reduce the severity because this is just an effect which will be resolved with all the other PIP problems.</del>
Didn't know that this bugtracker is so strict on editing.

yea i realize i just didnt know how to view it, but to use the scope on a weapon you just tap right mouse button, and in arma 2 it was the same for vehicles. i never had to use the numpad except to zoom in/out and 3rd person view.

and i dont know how to change severity or anything, hence my 1st note.

Found this as I couldn't figure out how to use optics as gunner, I never used a key to do that. So right mouseclick is not good anymore? I guess that is a bug?

Duplicate of #0000436.