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i7-3770 terrible utilization
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My i7-3770 is running at below 40% usage at all times, i have a gtx-660 SC so thats not the problem, im running with over 500gb free on a HDD, i have tried every tweak. One Give-away that its the cpu is, No matter what grphics settings i have, i get the same fps all the time, updated drivers and all.


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play with any i7-3770

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All updated drivers, have tried "cpu-count", have tried "threads", Set priority, Affinity, xp compatibility, all the possible tweaks, same outcome

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change overall view distance you get way more fps

How much ram and vram? The alpha still hasn't been optimized for muli cores, so this should hopefully get fixed up.

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no matter the view distance, all the same. 8 gigs ddr3 vengance ram, ive talked to people wth i5's with MUCH better perfomance than me, makes me almost regret spending money on something that cant run it when i could have spent 100 less on something that could

This had me thinking. I did check with task manager earlier and my i7 2700k (no HT enabled) only seem to utilize about 60% on core 1, with about 30% on core 2, 3 and 4 roughly. Who knows if this game really uses more core, it certainly looks like it.

Duplicate of #0000716.