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Mortars extremely accurate
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As an example I've linked to a study of a 120mm mortars accuracy.

In Arma 3 (and 2) mortars are/were insanly accurate... inface I think they may impact exactly where you indicate when using the trajectory computer (in RL this helps/does with calculations NOT add GPS guided mortar shells).

Please change this to include a firing signature or grouping size, see pic! {F17438} {F17439} {F17440}


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Based off the study, only 50% of rounds landed within a 108-144m area at max range (depending on round type). Thats 414 feet from one another and that's the inner most circle... presumably where the target would be located. more than a football field apart on average

CANNOT drop a mortar shell into a mason jar 5 miles away... fyi

I think 15-50m would be a nice spread, considering a mortar strike of 4-6 rounds puts all of them in exactly. the. same. spot.

well yea they are also not much fun to you because they are either point and shoot with the sight or mark the map for a direct hit, it would be nice for a little more involvement in the firing.

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Yea I think that's why I never saw them used much... it's no fun when you can put an MLRS or 120mm + mortar round EXACTLY where you want anywhere on the map

current artilery = not balanced

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the study was using a 120mm I think (that's a big explosion even if it is 400 feet away) AND it was at max range of 7200 meters! so something closer would be more accurate (i assume) Johnofwax

To OP excellent Post!!!

Artillery is a very exact science, unfortunately fall of shot isn't as accurate as many people think.

I am very well versed in Artillery (having done it for a living), the key to Map errors is that error is introduced in the map DATUM. An arbitrary position that all others are referenced to on a Geodesic, (Mercator or Transverse Mercator, or even a Gnomic) maps vary in their DATUM and when applying a map to the real world, or transfering from map to a map of another DATUM you end up with a DATUM SHIFT Correction which must be accounted for otherwise you end up with an enlarged pool of error and a less reproducible result (e.g LESS PRECISION). The Most common today is World Geodesic Survey 1984 (WGS84) this allows the plotting of GPS data directly to the map or Chart.

If you have a Precise Weapon, you can correct it on to a target, an example Such as Rifle Colimation error. It is reproducible, and so you can simply apply a correction and the "Point of Aim" will eventually converge and become the "Point of Impact". However if the weapon is imprecise, there is no way you can correct it with any degree of confidence and is often called "Inaccurate".

Equally Coriolis effect, temperature, pressure, Barrel temperature, the sequence of rounds before and after, the ambient temperature of the ammunition the quality of ammunition (Ammunition can be externally identical, but completely different when fired). Error in Conventional artillery would still be large unless you are using PGM's and even then it's down to the programming of the round, or the operator with the Laser Designator. PGM - Precision Guided Munitions can be of various types (most likely on larger calibre rounds such as 120mm) allow GPS guided or Laser Guided rounds that correct in flight to hit a geographic point in space or guided by another sensor or target indication method.

Bottomline Artillery needs to be made much more inaccurate !

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I agree, it is not as fun making it precise. I made an AI arty FSM for A2, and had to script the inaccuracy into it. I felt really sad that I couldn't do the same for player controlled so easily.

Less accuracy over distance would be good.

JNC added a comment.Mar 19 2013, 11:26 PM

Thanks! Hopefully the Devs take notice! =)

I guess implementing a inaccuracy falloff should be doable. Hope to see it implemented.

remove cross

add circle

let it drop randomly in this circle...

or just make it drop randomly and don't carebear the player like he's some kind of retard.

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In a perfect world, we would have weather conditions (wind, rain, overall climate) affecting the accuracy of the artillery so a simple circle reticle wouldnt cut it. Plus the inaccuracy should scale some with distance and, especially, weapon type.

I am in favour of this. Current implementation is too simple and unsatisfying for both mortar gunner and MFC

This suggestion was processed by our team and will be looked into. We thank you for your feedback.

I think that shells should be affected by wind and gusts, air resistance like bullets do.

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Maybe when they fix wind it will? Wind doesnt seem to do anything currently other than blow trees and grass =[

My last tests did indicated added imprecision, can you confirm?

Tested with mortar, ranges 1 to 2 kilometers, dispersion had a radius of about 40 - 50 meters. The dispersion given in the artillery computer apparently gives the diameter of the beaten zone, not the radius.

I then tested the 155mm gun at 5 and 15 kilometers. Former gave about 50 meters dispersion (radius), latter about 75 meters dispersion. I tested three round salvoes each time.

Why dont Arma 3 explosions look like that?

@InstaGoat, sounds about then we can consider it fixed?

Marking fixed.

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Note that this "fix" broke the first task of the Radio Silence campaign mission.

A mission can be fixed, but having mortars being not very realistic was not ok.

OMAC added a comment.Nov 28 2013, 5:12 AM

Absolutely. Just a reminder to Zipper5 to adapt mission to new mortar accuracy, as suggested in that thread.

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