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Gun strap / sling
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Would be great to be able to put a strap to your gun to quickly drop your main rifle and pull out your pistol.

Something similar to this: (@ 14sec)

So the gun hangs infront of you. Obviously some rifles won't have it such as larger sniper rifles, light MGs, etc, and not having a sling would make you put it on your back.


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A similar animation was introduced in ArmA 2 by the SMK Mod and I would really like to see this as the default animation.

Sounds a bit.. arcade-ish. Dunno.

It's realistic and the way to go in my opinion. Infantry combat should be the fleshed out part of ArmA 3. The "put-primary-on-back"-animation isn't a viable option in CQC. You're nearly faster when reloading your primary...

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@xCryonic To be honest in real life if I'm getting shot at and my main gun isnt working I'd drop that shit on the ground and pull out my pistol in an instant

"not having a sling would make you put it on your back."
... and how will you accomplish that without a sling?

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duplicate of #1819

great idea, i think it can go further than just for fast switching, it could allow to temporarily switch out primary weapons without having to drop your current weapon and magazines, and then switch back again after use.

a simple example would be sneaking up on a sniper, take him out, and only be able to pickup the enemies rifle with current magazine, thus temporary use. Once you switch to either primary rifle or sidearm, you will drop the weapon on the ground.

Think other situations where a specific weapon could be very useful at a particular moment, and without the need of using the inventory, you can just quickly pickup an enemies primary, be it a rifle for sniping, support gunner, RPG, etc.

This way you do not need to go into an inventory to manage your gear in critical moments where the inventory could just be what gets you killed.