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Objectives in task screen do not represent current task state.
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Objective / tasks are do not represent their current task state. For example, upon completing an objective, the task should have a little green check, instead it does not change at all. This applies to create, failed and cancelled tasks aswell.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to editor
  2. Load Stratis
  3. Place a blufor rifle man on the map
  4. Place a civilian on the map, name him "Civi"
  5. Create an task by useing this script

tskobj1 = player createSimpleTask ["Task Title 1"];
tskobj1 setSimpleTaskDescription ["Task Message 1", "Task Title 1", "Task HUD Title 1"];

  1. Create a trigger
  2. In the condition put "!alive civi"
  3. In the activation put "1" objStatus "DONE"; tskobj1 setTaskState "SUCCEEDED"; obj_1 = true; publicVariable "obj_1";
  4. Notice the objective complete on the top right corner
  5. Press J to view tasks
  6. Notice the objective has not been checked off
Additional Information

I have tried this many different times but there is no reason why this shouldn't be working. Objective complete is shown on the top right showing that the trigger works well. It should be fixed to resume mission editing.

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Use the new " Create Task module? "

Simpler but bugged sometimes

Unable to repro in latest dev build.