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"Just do it" AI Command
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I've always thought this would be nice in ArmA 2 as well, basically a command to your AI to diregard anything that is going on and just do what you tell him in the most timely way possible. This would be used to get AI to do things like get in a vehicle instead of crawling around in danger mode. Could be named "thats an order" or something in the menus.


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Yeah - this is known since Arma 1 and Operation Flashpoint (2001), that the AI think crawling around stupid is better than following the order to get into a heavy armoured, operational and safe and cozy tank - they usually get shot up after messing around for 3 minutes - many times by me, because I hate plucking out my hair and going insane from this b*llsh*t.

Esp since it is not fixed! After all these years!

All player issued commands should automatically have highest priority (1000) and all other commands need to be ignored.

But then again, it is persisting since 2001 (Release of OFP), and that says it all.

It's true, there should be command to disable the micro-ai. Actually it's not a bug, but a feature to make soldiers behave more realistic, but as we all can see that doesn't (always) work.

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This would have so much usage in the game... Upvoted!

Great idea!

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Voted, I tried to send 2 soldiers into a hunter, while there were enemies visible in the distance. On the way to the vehicle (30 m) both used their binocs about 6 times, gazing at the horizon motionlessly. O_o

I know I could have removed the binocs, used a different behavior etc. The AI needs a common sense algorithm (jk).

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This is a duplicate ticket. Voting it up anyway.

There needs to be a waypoint order "move at all cost".

I would love this. I get so sick of my AI dancing around instead of doing what I told them to do.

Make it so holding the shift key when issuing a command means "URGENTLY"

Also add a voice over "2 get in that f** vehicle right now !!!"

Joking :P


Domexy added a subscriber: Domexy.May 7 2016, 11:39 AM

Great idea!
This would really help the player/AI disconnect in combat situations.

should have the appropriate animation. weapon lowered, fast sprint. jogging once stamina runs out.

Its also Frustrating how they can't figure out how to operate a vehicle if their lives depended on it, literally. Sending an AI to drive a vehicle is a death command for anyone in the vehicle and the vehicle itself as they seem to Enjoy ramming things or driving it off cliffs... They also STILL try to get in formation and will run other friendlies over in the process!

I can't say how many times I've tried to get them in a vehicle and watched them drive and back into objects and walls on the way, bust up the tires and engine then hop out and say "Cannot comply."

I know its AI, it won't be perfect, but their path finding sucks and this is 2013, I'm sure we can do better.

My god yes, I had to watch them belly crawl, crouch, and for some reason use binoculars for 10 minutes to get into the helicopter It was maddening especially hearing "Roger that" a million times where is the hustle!?

Please, BIS, hear us and add this! It's just so frustrating seeing the AI die because they don't JUST DO it when they're in combat behaviour...

Linkin added a subscriber: Linkin.May 7 2016, 11:39 AM

Big fat +1 from me. Please add the ability for us to FORCE the AI to follow orders, ignoring everything else. If they get killed, that's the fault of whoever's giving the orders, but more often than not your orders make more sense than what the AI tries to do.

bwach added a subscriber: bwach.May 7 2016, 11:39 AM

agreed when im trying to load a chopper and the ai take there sweet time its quite annoying, they should run and do your commands first in a fast orderly fashion.

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