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Put an explosive charge down and when my friend entered a building about 50 meters away it triggered the charg and killed her
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Me and my frineds were defending a camp in a Co-op mission. Placed an explosive charge at the west end of the camp. Towards the south of the camp their was a metal multi-level structure. My friend move up the stairs on said structure and triggered the explosive charge which was roughly 50 meters away from her. This also killed her in the process. There were 2 AI near where I placed the charge and neither were injured.


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Indeed happened to me earlier - a guy put a satchel down, to blow up a hangar, and we ran like hell.

~110m away, it blew up, and two guys (me included, grrrrr) died, all others lived.

Maybe attributed to lag, I could think of the good old A2 times where due to le lag, your "Hitbox" was lagging behind, and you got damage dealt like standing directly in the center of the explosion, where you were 60m+ away. Dunno, maybe it is the same lag-issue, doesnt happen too often anyway.

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