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No name in Global chat
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Personally, I like how direct communication does not show the name of the play talking; however, when someone is broadcasting over global net it is nice to see who it is because you do not know what team he/she is in. Weird how it shows who is talking in Side Channel but not Global. I know it is more realistic without displaying the broadcasting player but the ACRE plug in should be used for realistic radio chat anyways. Hope you all think about it!


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I think this might be dependent on the mission you were on or something, as I have seen names in global just fine. Could also be a bug that names don't appear in chat sometimes, I remember that from Operation Arrowhead.

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Voip should be deactivated in global chat, since it lags quite hard on high player count and is merely abused to "troll" other players by annoying them.

Appears to be fixed.