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Bullet holes in glass
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Bullet holes in glass appear in pre-determined positions after a certain amount of damage has been sustained OR do not appear at all in the case of buildings... from what I've noticed.

Could this be changed so that a bullet hole appears in the approximate area of penetration? Several in close proximity could turn into a large whole perhaps?

Scuffs and ricochets do not appear on windows that were hit but not penetrated (they did in Arma 2) please bring back!

Wind noises could be added to closed cockpits with several bullet holes (not little bird heli cause its very open)? {F17383} {F17384}


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It could just be a placeholder. I wouldn't doubt that all decals haven't been added yet, let alone most of the graphical features.

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JNC added a comment.Mar 9 2013, 6:10 PM

Possibly, they should say that though "for alpha, blablabla textures are just placeholders"

They already do state it, you see it all the time:

Used to be plastered on the main menu before the mention of the alpha was up (the current news in the box).

If you've been in alphas and betas, or are in the technology field, this should be common sense. The game is far from a finished product still.

If this is your first play of any game in development, especially this early still, you'll learn as you go ;) We all do.

JNC added a comment.Mar 12 2013, 10:45 PM

I mean, there should be a listing someplace that states "current damage models are shitty and only ment as placeholders" not "this is an alpha, everything is subject to change"

For example, I read that the current flight model IS NOT what is planned for release, so I have not posted anything regarding that in and of itself.

I hop that this will change but i think they don't seem to plan this so give this thread more votes!!!!!!!

Requires dynamic destruction.