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Diving is an hyperuman action
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Players without scuba/diving wallet and accessories can go so deep in wather.

If i've not an air-pressured source with air as pressurized as air in my body i cannot compensate the wather pressure in ears, noise, eyes etc.

This mean that if i go more deep than a little my eardrums will break and if i continue to go deep i'll DIE for pressurization (my body-zones with air like stomach will collapse).

Also, is impossible to go deep without enought weight because air in body will push you up.


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1)Open editor and place an unequipped unit in wather

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Ezcoo added a comment.Mar 8 2013, 12:37 AM

You can dive really deep IRL if you know what you're doing and if you are able to neutralize the difference in pressure. The real problem in high (or low, lol) depth is the lack of oxygen, not the difference in pressure because it can be balanced with different techniques.

Organs that have gas inside them like lungs and stomach can collapse, but it's not very dangerous at all.

Also, because the gases become pressurized in your body and loose their volume, your volume/weight ratio will decrease that actually makes you to sink if you stay still after you've passed the critical depth (which is only some meters actually).

Long story short; every statement in the description of ticket is false. I don't mean to insult, they're just false.

Ezcoo i'm a certified diver and i'll assure you that who i've wrote is true according to my knowledge of "search&rescure" specialization of PADI Card who meet the ISO standards.

Also i'm studing medicine and i assure you that a decompression and a collapse of a stomach is fatal for a lot of cause, one of them is that pressure will break your ribs and tears the walls of the stomach for example.

And a diver CANNOT balance the pressure if they haven't a pressurized air source where to take it.

You can go 50 and more meters deep without any stuff, the max level for a fully-equipped diver (not military or worker) is 45 or 65 meters depending on the level of the certification, and at 65m you can stay near 3/4 minutes before you need a controlled emersion with decompressions levels, according to nitrogen and other air component in your body, except if you wish an embolism and/or a stroke, hoping you will not get in syndrome frostbite and others stuffs like cramps.

Thank you for contribution anyway, even if it is wrong.

Ezcoo added a comment.Mar 8 2013, 2:24 AM

I smell a good debate here :D

I'm freediver / spearfisher myself, probably getting also PADI certification this or next summer.

The ticket describes the freediving as the problem, so I don't understand why you are writing about SCUBA-diving issues. As certified diver you should know that assimilation of SCUBA- and freediving is not possible - while the element and physics are the same, everything else is different.

Freediver is able to dive much deeper than 50 m. The risks start to increase after that naturally, but they're lower in general among young males (US army tested it with their combat divers in the 80s and 90s if I remember right) that are the characters in Arma 3.

Here are some world records of freediving, pay attention to the depths: Yes, they are WRs, only the best of the best can reach those depths but people that can dive to e.g. 75 m depth are not very rare among the population actually.

Divers, especially experienced freedivers, CAN balance the pressure without pressurized air source. There are special techniques where e.g. the tongue muscle is used to pump the air from airways to the inner ear. I've tried to train that too – it's not an easy technique, but possible to learn by training.

Freedivers can't suffer from the decompression sickness, because their body isn't getting any gas (and furthermore nitrogen) from external source during the dive. They have less than or equal amount of nitrogen in their body when they return to the surface. The oversaturation of nitrogen in tissues is caused by the SCUBA equipment, not the depth itself.

What confuses me the most is that you claim youself as certified diver, but you claim that "is impossible to go deep without enought weight because air in body will push you up". Every certified diver out there should know that the buoyancy is dependent on the depth. When you pass the critical depth during descend, you'll start to sink which can surprise and scare many people. The critical depth is really near the surface actually, everyone can test this himself by e.g. diving into depth of few meters, holding his/her breath and observe that they start to actually sink with their lungs full of air. Never test this alone though!

Your body can move air pressure using the muscles for only some of that zone, USArmy train a non-diver soldiers to survive in case of a body-combat will have place in wather.

If a person have not enought weights they cannot go deep because stomach air and others air will push him up and if they empty that the wather pressure will compress him and he does not have air for balance the pressure at all.

"If a person have not enought weights they cannot go deep because stomach air and others air will push him up and if they empty that the wather pressure will compress him and he does not have air for balance the pressure at all."

Without weights you would certainly burn more energy pushing down to the depth where you reach negative buoyancy, but it's not impossible as you're trying to assert, and your organs wouldn't collapse.

The danger is the amount of energy required to go that deep without the assistance of weights, as Ezcoo asserts oxygen is the limiting factor. You don't just have to hold your breath, using energy to force down burns oxygen too and without weights you would black out long before you reached any significant depth (40m or so is the only world record I could find as no one bothers to dive like this competitively).

Anyway who's to say our Arma divers aren't packing weights on their belts? And the infantry models have MORE than enough weight packed on them to sink..

Ezekiel i'm not insinuating that you certainly dead, i say that is danger to go deep l.

And i was speaking about normal soldier / civilian, not an apnea word record man..

This doesnt need to be placed into the game or fixed, thats why we have scripting. In fact there are at least 4 different threads on the forums regarding this very issue.

Is not a scriptable problem, is an engine problem cobra.