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Outdated explosion effects
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Have you looked at the explosions in Arma 3? Have you looked at explosions in games released in this decade? Now look back at Arma 3. They don't really hold a candle to them, now do they? Especially now that the game engine received such a big boost in visual quality, it seems odd that explosion effects are still essentially the same they were in Operation Flashpoint, or Arma Cold War as they now call it.


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  • Blow stuff up.
  • Eyes bleed.
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The absolute worst part is that the sprites clip with geometry. Come on, this was fixed in the 90's! (Check Need for Speed Porsche if you don't believe me).

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I guess they are only a kind of placeholder at the moment, I am 99,99% sure they'll improve the explosions during the development.

But for now there are more important things than explosions.

I agree that the effects will be improved later on.

What settings are you running?
I forget which setting it was, but 1 setting specifically changes whether the sprites clip geometry or not (low = clipping,square bottoms High=nice smooth,feathered effects)

I think its Anistropic Filtering.

yeah when they'll optimise the game's engine it'll be great ;)

Identical issue already assigned to a developer here: #0005408.