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No Boonie Hat Textures
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No matter which boonie hat you select, none of them have the textures loaded or bound to them, they just appear 100% white textures. {F17344} {F17345}


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Give yourself a boonie hat.

Try it on.

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dxdiag & Screenshot would help the devs.

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100% recreatable happened in MP also in editor

I confirm, that problem appears everywhere.



And I attached my dxdiag and screenshot.

Golf clap for your chaos.

That's a good step towards helping em figure it out, though it may be a driver/card issue.

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No unit uses the booniehats probably just unfinished stuff.

"Current features may be subject to changes and/or unfinished"

It says on top right corner of the screen in every menu.
This is not a bug, more likely an unfinished feature (item).

Downvoted because it's not a Major issue in Alpha stage

Not sure what to vote - it seems the Textures arent present because the hats arent correctly implemented yet.

There is a bunch of other Weapon and Ammo things for example that arent in the game, but they already have references (30mm weapons, 20mm gatling guns, 120mm Shells, ASRAAM, etc) and therefore, if you try to get them somehow, they will show up, but appear broken.

Priority level says normal not major Kid.

The "major" was refered to the severity and this is not really a Major bug in Alpha stage since a lot of features are yet to be completed (as it also says in the top right corner of evry menu and is also expectable from an alpha)

True however if they put it in they may or may not be aware the textures aren't working.

you honestly think they'll leave it untextured for final version?

fucking people don't use their brain

Look a troll.

We never said that, however this is a bug/feedback reporting system thus a bug was reported.

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Yep, no (or white) textures on the boonie hats.

In the Alpha version we can expect things to be missing or not working but that doesn't mean we should assume the devs are aware of all things not working or missing.

"Assumption is the mother of all f*ck-ups...."

They now have a texture. Problem is, all 3 of them are using the khaki texture. Most likely a config error.

Most likely a WIP feature !

They didn't have textures, now they have added some placeholder texture (kaki one) for the remaining 2, they will finish it when they can/it's time

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Issue closed as obsolete. If you encounter this problem again, please create another ticket. Thank you.

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