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AI Vehicles dodges mines and other explosives
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AI see mines and other explosives as objects so in return they try to drive around them instead of over them. This makes convoy ambush mission quite hard seeing as the AI will try and avoid any explosives placed in the road.


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If you are driving and you see an explosive in the road arent you going to try to avoid it? maybe you should find better places to put the Mines. I like the fact that the AI are smart, this isnt BF3 or CoD the AI are programed to react to contact and basicly be intelligent thus the reason most of us play against the AI

The idea of mines are so that enemy tanks don't spot them. Mines and explosives aren't always spotted friend. Don't give me BF3/CoD bullshit, I know the ARMA engine well enough to know that tanks should not avoid and see mines as objects (atleast not always). When planting a mine in ARMA2 tanks would actually drive over them, same goes for ARMA1 and the OF series. Its kind of what the purpose of mines are..

I was able to use explosive charges against enemy vehicles.

I also have been able to hit enemy vehicles with mines. You can't put a mine out in the middle of the road and expect it to be hidden. It would be unrealistic for AI to drive into a clearly visible mine when they could avoid it.

I have the opposite result. the AI seem to just blindly drive over the mines no matter how obvious i made the explosives.

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It may be unrealistic to put a mine on the road but where else would you put it?If it's an anti-armor mine you're gonna put it where vehicles pass unlike a explosive charge that you can detonate it and hide it better.What will be the point of anti-armor mines if AI detects them every time?

Where else do you put it? Onto open fields, preferrable between two woods/ravines if that could be a strategic approach for the enemy. And usually you don't plant only one mine, you plant as many as theres open space for a vehicle to pass.

I agree with you about tanks,but I was referring to the vehicles.If you look at the mines there aren't only anti-tank mines,the anti-armor mine is for everything else that's not a tank.Convoys usually don't drive in woods or ravines or into open fields.They use those things called roads.

Then it's even easier: Place 1 mine obvious on the road, place other mines on roadside in a vee-pattern in the direction of the convoy - voila:

. (mine)

. <-convoi en-route <-


Spread as much as there's space - the AI will get killed.

Indeed I was wrong,tested your method I didn't set them up in V,but I set up a SLAM minefield.Me as a passenger in the third vehicle with units on full skill.Tested a couple of times,sometimes they detect 3-4 mines,other times only one.I would say the detection is just fine and don't see where the problem is.Also when they detected more mines was when a vehicle was already hit so it's pretty logical they would become even more alerted.

So basically you need to put more than 3 mines.I also made a video about this that should conclude the AI detection:

I think the AI reacts pretty ok to the explosive, if you put the mine right after a turn they will drive into it but if you put it like middle of a long road there is a great chance to notice the mine.

Smart AI! Why u no drive over mine?! Are you adequate or something?!

We are very sorry, this issue was closed. We tested it and it works as it should.