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Unable to rebind E in Helicopter Controls.
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While attempting to rebind some controls for the helicopter E has a default action that points the chopper nose down however it does not appear to be listed anywhere in the control configuration Panel under Assigned keys.


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Remove E entirely from assigned keys under Helicopter movement controls section.

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Confirmed for this bug. E stays as cyclic forward.

I like to use "esdf" movement and use E and D as collective controls, and S and F as pedals, but this issue completely ruins that.

Nose diving when you want to elevate is a bit of a shock.

Also confirming... Please remove this default E-Key bindig from helicopter controls.

Confirmed. Amazingly annoying if you have assigned the pedels to Q/E -buttons.

I have found the source of the problem and a fix to it. The problem is that 'e' is set as the key-binding for helicopter fast forward, but this can't be found in the control menu at the moment. BIS please either remove 'e' as the default binding or add it to the control menu.

To fix:

  1. Go to C:\Users\Yourname\Documents\Arma 3 Alpha - Other Profiles\YourProfileName and open the file called YourProfileName.Arma3AlphaProfile with notepad (Double click the file and choose 'select a program from the list' Then choose a word processor like notepad)
  2. Press Control+F or scroll and find the line keyHeliFastForward[]={18};
  3. Delete the '18' part or replace the line with this: keyHeliFastForward[]={};
  4. Save file
  5. Fly helicopters as normal!

Duplicate of #0000194.