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implementation of full auto firemode hindering use of machine guns
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implementation of full auto firemode hindering use of machine guns because the player must pull down the mouse constantly to keep the MG at target


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use automatic rifle in prone mode, even then the barrel goes higher and higher with every shot. This is an odd simulation since the ordinary user has no force feedback + BIS does not support this and hence it is hard to dose the proper mouse movement

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it's called "recoil", and it is realistic.

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Its not realistic. Real MG on bipod (or without - doesent matter) doesent rise barrel while shooting. You should be able to put accurate suppresive fire (while prone)at medium distances otherwise MG is useless.

Real machine guns do not in fact recoil upwards very much since you most often have the whole thing resting on it's bipod and it simply weighs a ton. It does however have significant kick up on the first shot of a burst and after that, hard recoil to one side.
I'm speaking from experience with the 7.62 mm FN MAG/m240G, but having fired 5.56 mm rifles I'd say 5.56 and even 6.5 machine guns react the same but to a lesser degree.

you cant really suppres so its useless anyway. but ive you mean pvp then yes

Also, suppressive fire really isn't that accurate.

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