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Bad Weather Conditions Causes Texture Error on Terrain
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When all weather parameters in editor are set to worst or very bad (including fog) at a certain distance from the edge of a hill the ground texture disappears leaving foliage and trees floating.


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Steps To Reproduce

1 - Place unit in editor
2 - Set Mission Intel to worst possible weather
3 - Preview mission
4 - Proceed to explore until error is encounter

  • To ensure error is encounter go to grid 03220585 and walk back and forth between the base sign and road.
Additional Information

This can be seen at various points on the map, this was first noticed next to the Army Base at grid 032058. Please find comparison to uploaded screen shot here:

Video evidence is available if requested.

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I can confirm this happens at the specified coordinates with weather set at the worst possible, picture added.

Looks like the textures aren't being rendered but the terrain clutter is.

Please let us know in note section if you are still able to reproduce this issue in latest Developement build.

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I could not reproduce this, I tried with different graphics and weather settings at the same location however I am unable to test fully due to not having access to rain any more.

Issue was looked into and fixed.

Thank you for reporting this issue to us. We appreciate it, keep up the good work and help community and developers to build better game for all.

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