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NLAW AT launcher still not disposable
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Since Arma 2 AT launchers reproduced in game aren't disposable like in real life, and in Arma 3 Alpha, NLAW still not. I've reported this "bug" on BIS forums in this topic:

I believe this might be a minor issue compared to many others you're facing now, but I don't belive that BIS can't do a better job than ACE developers did about this question.


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I really don't get whats the big deal with this BIS. We have this problem since Operation Flashpoint. Its time to erase it from the face of the game.

As I mentioned elsewhere, ACE done it already in A2 and I must agree its time to push this forward.

Furthermore, un-disposable AT launchers created spam scenarios in MP games, as I witnessed on my own

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I understand if it's not high priority but it would be nice if you could find time to fix this.

AT disposable now!!

I really don't get it either. If a launcher is disposable then it is disposable. What's the point of making them reusable when the game will probably feature reusable launcher models like ArmA2 did with the SMAW?

I'm totally agree with the complaint ...

it would be great to see this feature in the game. /vote up

I agree. After firing the launcher, changing weapons should automatically drop it. All it would take are a few scripts and lines of codes.

After firing, could just swap the launcher with Empty_NLAW that has disabled ammo slot.

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Absolutely necessary. The question is not whether or not to. The question is why this is not done?

the RPG-42 is a fictive evolution of the rpg-32.

The RPG-32 In Real Life is a reusable command launch unit using disposable ammunition container.

ingame if you get extra containers it's possible to reload.

Come on BIS, we need disposable NLAWs!

Maybe its a futuristic reloadable version.

@alphazulu90, if it's called NLAW (or PCML, whatever) it must represent it's real life counterpart. You don't have a valid point.

I still think it could be a new version of the NLAW, the PCML, but it wont hurt to make it disposable.....

Have a ticket here with some rough suggestions to make these launchers more interesting, including simulating disposeables.