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Vehicle sounds have no doppler effect
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Listening to helicopters and other vehicles flying/drivomg past I noticed there is no doppler effect. You can hear the sound getting louder as it gets closer to you and getting lower as it movees away, but there is no difference in pitch.


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Start the scuba showcase and listen to the passing helicopter.

Or just have any vehicle drive past you.

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i was actually going to post an issue about this in a few minutes and i totally agree. the game looses some of its immersion when the helicopter flies over without this effect

can't remember if it was in arma2 or not, oh well upvote either way.

Yep, strange monotonic chopper sound, no matter if it's hovering, flying by fast or slow.

Does this still apply in the latest dev build? I'm unable to check right now.

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Yeah it sounds different but its still not at that stage where when your standing next to the heli you get that loud boom as the rotors go round faster when lifting off and straining, its just louder overall.

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Yeah like the whooshing sound^

all the vehicle in arma 3 not have the dopler effect... and it is annoying..

Updated title and description, since this does not only affect helicopters. Still true in the latest dev build.

Something about the doppler effect was mentioned in yesterday's changelog, but this issue is still present.

Probably not yet configured.

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well it does need extra calculation but a very simple one question is how this performece if there are many sources in your area, in MP this could create funny effects of stottering sound if there is lag..however changing the speed that soundsamples are played at shouldnt be so hard

Arma2 already features this, so it's definitely possible. The current lack of the feature is apparently due to a simple misconfiguration. The devs have already confirmed that a fix is incoming. :)

Doppler seems to work properly in the latest dev build. Anyone confirm?

Well, seems to be fixed.

Mass close.