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Xbox360 Locked control scheme issues
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The Issue of the Xbox360 controller is that the control scheme is poorly assigned and there is nothing we can do about it from in-game.

This issue is with Helicopter controls (!)

Known Control Scheme
A: Generic command (interaction menu)
B: Unknown (not tested for lights)
X: Activate/Deactivate Auto Hover (Why do we need this on a button when its in the menu?)
Y: Unknown (not tested for lights)

Right Thumbstick: N/U
Left Thumbstick: Pitch/Roll

Right Bumper: Ascend (Ascend and decend is poorly calibrated)
Left Bumper: Descend (Resulting in slow rise and drop)

Left Trigger: Yaw Left
Right Trigger: Yaw Right/Fire Weapons (What?)

Back: 1st/3rd Person
Start: Pause


The Issues expressed in this Report are souly to do with the
Xbox360 controller, The PC Controls are fine.


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Steps To Reproduce

+Plug in an Xbox360 Controller
+Run A3
+Spawn Helicopter (Gunship & Transport)
+Go Flying
+Try Ascending and Descending

Additional Information

To Summarize:

The Controls for altitude in any/all aircraft are sluggish when using a
360 input device as well as the cross-over controls for yaw and firing.

The lack of use in the right thumbstick is a waste of potential for freelook
(Free look is critical for aircraft)

There is no change weapon button meaning a gunship on 360 input can only
fire its default weapons.

Advice: Un-Restrict the 360 Controller config and allow players to assign button
as they see fit. This avoids lengthily .cfg alterations and allows better customization in one go.

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I would like to note as well that the Dpad controls are universal on all 3 current schemes, Infantry/Vehicle/Helicopter

Press B and you will get free look for the right stick.

The 'Yaw Right/Fire Weapons' bind needs to be changed though. And players should be allowed to change the binds, too.

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You can change the binds, just disable the preset first.

I would like to state my control setup from ArmA II.

Thottle up/down: Left and Right trigger
Pitch: Left stick
Roll: left stick
Turn Left/Right: right stick
yaw: L/R bumper
Auto-hover on: Left D-Pad
Auto-hover off: Right D-Pad

These settings worked fine. The only thing I was unable to set was fire triggers and weapons switching.

These controls seemed to make sense to me.

Duplicate of #0000940.