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Ifrit internal and external lighting
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The Ifrit's lighting needs some refinement, both in terms of visuals and physics
For clarity, im using the following terms- 'effect' to mean how well the environment is lit by lighting; and 'dashboard' to mean the internal lighting (dials etc).

Shooting at the lights

  1. Spotlight cannot be shot out
  2. shooting the spotlight 3 or 4 times will knock out the headlights, but their effect remains until they are individually shot out
  3. Shooting the top right light will knock out the light, spotlight and headlights as well.

a. top right light and spot light are knocked out completely i.e. no effect
b. headlights appear to be knocked out, but their effect remains until they are individually shot out

  1. rear facing lights and brake lights cannot be shot out
  2. shooting either headlight will knock both headlights out

a. the headlight shot is completely knocked out
b. the other headlight will still show it's effect until shot out (pic 3)

  1. Grill LEDs cannot be shot out. The LEDs appear to be linked to the engine as opposed to the ‘light’ control.
  2. The rear-facing roof lights do not work (alley light type)

Lights in the environment
The main problem to me seem to be around dawn/ dusk and overcast weather conditions, the lights are not strong/ bright enough. I think the dashboard lighting could be brighter through dawn/ dusk towards the day end.
In different weather conditions, the lights do not work properly like there is an overlay affecting their appearance. This means the lights do not work in dark conditions other than night. I found the lights work as normal at 55% overcast, but at 60% overcast plus, the lights look very dim or appear to be turned off altogether.

Time of day break down of lighting
column 1.time of day (hours)
column 1.Dashboard
column 2.External appearance of lights on vehicle
column 3.Effect of external lighting on environment

1     2       3       4

•0100 Ok Ok Ok
•0200 Ok Ok Ok
•0300 Too dim (pic 1) Ok Too dim (pic 1)
•0400 Ok Overly- bright, shining Too dim
•0500 Off? Ok Too dim
•0600 Off? Ok Ok
•0700 Off? Ok Ok
•0800 Off? Ok Ok
•0900 Off? Ok Ok
•1000 Off? Ok Ok
•1100 Off? Ok Ok
•1200 Off? Ok Ok
•1300 Off? Ok Ok
•1400 Off? Ok Ok
•1500 Off? Ok Ok
•1600 Off? Ok Ok
•1700 Off? Ok Ok
•1800 Off? Ok Ok
•1900 Off? Ok Ok
•2000 Too dim Overly bright Ok
•2100 Too dim Ok, but spotlight is dimmer than other lights (pic 2) Too dim
•2200 Ok Ok Ok
•2300 Ok Ok Ok
•2400 Ok Ok Ok

Sorry for the long post, but I want to make it as easy as possible to replicate
{F17272} {F17273}


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Steps To Reproduce

spawn empty Ifrit
turn lights on ifrit on and start engine
change time of day/ weather conditions to see variation

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Very comprehensive, +1 for doing your research and sharing all your findings in such a helpful way.

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