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Can not equip enemy uniform
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I saw at the presentation of arma 3 you were able to disguise yourself with an enemy uniform (fatigues) but when i try to drag it to my menu it will not drop into the slot and equip it but i can equip the helmet and any kind of vest or harness and i would also like to make note if you play as a civilian in editor you can equip enemy fatigues and the rest of his gear perfectly fine.


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Try to equip fatigues off a dead body as someone other than Civilian

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I think they made it where you aren't able to do that. I read in the in-game field manual that, due to the Geneva convention, soldiers aren't aloud to wear enemy uniforms.

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This is on-hold.

Please use the search function.

You can clearly see in this video it is shown you can do that

Yeah but they changed it because it breaks the Geneva convention, that video is quite old now, and they've even said they're not having it work like that anymore. You'll still be able to use your own sides gear.

But that makes no sense since this is a game there is plenty of games out there that break this law

This games focuses on realism, therefore, following the rules of the Geneva Convention is realistic. Look, personally, im disappointed this feature was tweaked as I was quite looking forward to the possibilities of it, and I can imagine it will be modded to work. Don't hold your breath but by the time of full release I suspect there will be a working mod allowing you to use enemy uniforms.

Sorry but I beg to differ that this was removed soley because it was against the geneva convention because i still get shot even after i removed my weapon