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Thankyou to the Devs
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This isnt a problem i just wanted to say thankyou

very much to the devs for being awesome and already having full support for my ir tracker and joystick

in alpha i am very impressed with how the game is going and proud to say im supporting such an awesome game studio it was worth the wait XD

Please Like to say thanks to the devs for being amazing :D


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1: make epic game studion
2: make epic war sim
3: go on to make world class war sim
4: then turn world class war sim into successfully series of world class war sims

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studion lol typo

Yes thanks for putting out such a good alpha. Downloaded and installed flawlessly. Has been running SP for 5 hours with no crashes. I've even suspended the PC and come back after dinner and it's still running. Very impressive.

+1 Good post, the devs and support people definitely deserve some cred!!

why thankyou Stroggo i figured a nice positive post for the devs maybe nice among all the bugs :D

Please use the BI forums for thanking, and stop spamming the tracker that was put in place to follow actual issues in the game.

You're just cluttering up the actual issues

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What NoUseForAName said. It's nice than you're thanking the devs, and I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment, but definitely take it to the BI forums.

Please only report actual bugs here. :)