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Topographical lines on map are barely visible in in certain zoom levels
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The topographical lines on map are almost impossible to spot at this moment in certain zoom levels. They are the most important feature of map for many players, e.g. people who play as chopper pilots a lot because the topography of the area is critical information when planning the flight routes. {F17254}


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Open map in the game, zoom in and out and pay attention to how difficult it's to see the topographical lines in certain zoom levels.

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The topographical lines on map are shown perfectly in Arma 2, because the contrast between lines and background was always high enough and the lines were thick enough, so it was easy to use the map. The same design could be used in Arma 3 too.

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Adding a height map (higher areas brighter, lower areas darker) layer would help immensly as well.

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By the way, the short traversers making the difference between hills and e.g. dales and hollows could be implemented too. The "highest" topographical line on a hill should have 2 traverses in opposite directions pointing away from the hill and hollows should have the 2 traversers pointing towards the hollow in the "lowest" topographical line, presenting the direction of stream of water.

Up for the issue and discussion.

It can make it easier if you turn off textures but still i see your point

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Duplicate of assigned ticket #886
EDIT: assume 886 is now T59253

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Yep, dupe of 0000886, closing this is OK for me.