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Can't eject out of of a helicopter
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I can't eject out of helicopter and I really need to be able to do that because If the heli gets shot down and i survive I won't be able to eject


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With the exception of a few helicopters, you cannot eject out of one in reality. You'd either get cut to bits by the rotor or fall to your death since helicopter pilots do not have parachutes.

Try hitting VV, crashing into the water there is no eject option either, but hitting VV allows you to exit.

Pressing "V" twice allows you to exit when on the ground, but not once in the air.

I, for one, would like to be able to eject from a helicopter. Especially since it would make diver insertion pretty awesome.

not so much ejecting but maybe jumping out from really low altitudes (only as a passenger in a troop transport helicopter) I see your point about ejecting but in reality there a only very few helicopter that have ejecting capabilities.

What really needs to be fixed is the fact that you can not exit a helicopter in water (either because it explodes (Which it shouldn't) or that there is no option to get out)

Dupe of #0001283.