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Possibility to use walls/rocks/other objects to reduce weapon sway
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It should be possible to use rocks, walls and other objects to reduce weapon sway for better aiming. It could be done like in Tripwires "Red Orchestra Ostfront 41-45" at least, with a small indicator on screen. That's the only thing I miss in ArmA III.


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Crysis had this done perfectly, if you aimed over a wall or stone, the weapon was automatically supported by the wall and it reduced weapon sway and recoil.

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I haven't played crysis yet ;-), but meanwhile this feature is state of the art.

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Please use this ticket or if you think that's too much focused on windows maybe this one

We shouldn't create the same tickets over and over again. Upvoting doesn't work if the votes are seperated in too many tickets.

The ACE Mod for ArmA 2 allowed this, and i think I44 did too.

This would be an important feature that will better the gameplay by a lot.

here it is another duplciate....
use the god damn search fucntion... seriously !!
Duplicating issue reports will split votes and wont help devs !!

This is the original one

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@zimms @Kid18120: you're right, I'm sorry...

See #0000432.