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Unlimited Breath Underwater
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Basically, any infantry can swim underwater continuously even without a rebreather


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Swimming and Diving
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Start swimming, move down into the water

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Its not unlimited but way too long.

From our testing it's 60 seconds? That's not very long.

I clocked 4+ minutes with a helo pilot.

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Far too long especially if swimming which uses oxygen much faster.

I would say it should be about 40secs while swimming. (Thats more than most people can do)

Blufor standard rifleman unit has 58sec breath (tested).
Maybe it's a unit-related bug ?

Iwan79 added a subscriber: Iwan79.May 7 2016, 11:23 AM

The breath is unlimited, IF the camera is above the water!!! ...and otherwise! U can swim above water but if u keep camera under water u dead fish! ;)

I'm not able to reproduce it.
All units (without rebreather) can stay swimming underwater about 1 min. I checked it even as the heli pilot and with camera above the surface of water.