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Helicopters controls
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The controls with the helicopters are not intuitive.
The keys for forward or backward are inverted after a short practice's delay.


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Play with helicopter

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Raahk added a comment.Mar 8 2013, 12:56 AM

just change them to your preference

What is up with these bug reports? BI must have a load of work filtering through all this nonsense..

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They asked for feedback, not reports. If they wanted to avoid "filtering" than they could provide detailed "reporting instructions".... but they have not.

S3hadow3S may be suggesting that the devs should make the preference changes as default because everyone else will likely make the same changes due to it being unintuitive. Such as if the default resolution were 640x480. I would not consider that a common screen resolution so they should either increase that from factory or remove "default" in that case all together... hypothetically.

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"If they wanted to avoid "filtering" than they could provide detailed "reporting instructions"

JNC - Scroll all the way up and you'll see a big red link saying "HOW TO GUIDE"

Sorry for this mistake.
I'm french and my english is very poor
I want to tell you than i'm playing arma3, i take the helicopter. For now all be done, the flight controls response very well. When i pull the mouse, helicopter go to backward. When i push, helicopter go forward.
But... after 2 minutes of playing, the controls are when i push, heli go backward. When i pull, heli go forward.
It is'nt a bug ?

Raahk added a comment.Mar 8 2013, 2:47 PM

Hey S3hadow3S,
did you create a second profile? When creating another profile, control settings are not transferred to your new profile.

@Raahk I think he means that the mouse controls are inverting/reverting in-flight. Bug.

Yes cheyne stoking !

There is already a feature request to invert helicopter mouse controls.