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Ugly postprocess/HDR with overcast sky
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It's a shame this happens because the HDR lighitng at mostly cloudy skys is brilliant! Their is no post processing applied to the terrain and distant tree LODs look horrendous when OC skys. Please fix. World wide graphical issues like this should be considered major as it makes a beautiful game look like ARMA 1. Clouds look great btw {F17233} {F17234}


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Set overcast skys, behold the ugliness on the ground.

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picture please

How do I take a picture in game?

Has you run the game on steam, just press F12

2 pictures have been added but I suggest you all recreate it in game as the screen shots do not show off the issue near as much as in game. The first photo uploaded shows high fidelity shadowing to distant objects as well as the smaller green bushes. HDR, PP, AO whatever.

The second photo uploaded shows off the terrible sat map resolution more, applies no shadows to anything or HDR. Their is always going to be shadows even in overcast skys, however subtle that will add depth.

It's worth mentioning that this VERY ISSUE was mentioned in a game review of the ALPHA by PC gamer. This is the kind of thing that makes people say "oh well the game looks fantastic EXCEPT....." Here is the exerpt, you can look up the whole article at im sure.

FROM PC GAMER REVIEW ALPHA---------------------------------------------------
Arma’s post-processing continues to be a bland blur effect; PP was enabled by default on my system, though it’s easily disabled. The overcast weather state doesn’t have much going for it—a stormy sky essentially disables the game’s shadows, and Arma 3 feels drained of some of its character without all that good lighting flowing.

Shadows would be very difficult to pull off accurately with an overcast sky. I think I prefer without than with super sharp, clear shadows. And I doubt the engine is capable of soft enough shadows.
As someone who lives in Seattle, I think it looks fine. And I know my overcast weather. lol.

Indeed. There's clearly a shortage of pure colours.

I wouldn't call it perfect. But lack of shadowing and saturation is exacly what one expects when overcast.

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That's exactly what the world looks like without the added light and the blue and yellow colors from the clear sky and sun.

A combination of effects like fogging, mist, rain, dust, wind distortions, rays/patches of sunlight could make an overcast scene look more vibrant, but I guess, overall, it's hard to make a naturally gloomy setting appear as "good" as it's opposite.

You'd probably need a set of dedicated terrain shaders to make ground look better saturated in low-light setting. And those would of course have to dynamically cycle with daytime change, to boot. So it's safe to assume, this isn't happening.

"I wouldn't call it perfect. But lack of shadowing and saturation is exacly what one expects when overcast."

No. Turn off the computer and go outside; there's plenty of shadow during overcast.

"That's exactly what the world looks like without the added light and the blue and yellow colors from the clear sky and sun."

Another basement dweller.

Also, who was saying anything about saturation? People need to stop using words they don't understand and downvoting topics out of ignornace.

@ Make Love Not War
Listen fela: you may feel free to disagree, what i will not tolerate is for you to insult.

Level your disagreement in mature way, and i might bother to clarify.

@ Make Love Not War: Way to be an asshole.

Anyways. I see plenty of shadows in the screenshots provided.
Ever heard of diffuse light?

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