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Performance drop when viewing though optical sights
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When using a weapon with optics there is a noticeable performance decrease in the way of dropped FPS that does not seem to get better regardless how long you are in this view.


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Playing in any game mode, and look through optics, notice performance decrease.

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Seems like a hard problem to fix. This was around ever since ArmA 1.

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I get better fps using optics.
Since its rendering a smaller scene with fewer objects that sense.

I think the FPS drop happens when you're looking through thick foliage. If you're looking at areas without any vegetation, the FPS will stay the same.

It's not non-usual for Arma.
System specs?

To improve your performance try these parameters (without the "):
"-cpuCount=#Insert the number of cores your Cpu has#"
"-maxmem=#Insert the number of Ram you have#"

For example
1GB = "-maxmem=1024"
2GB = "-maxmem=2048"
3GB = "-maxmem=3072"
4GB = "-maxmem=4096"